«Medicine of the Person»
sees the patient as a physical, mental and emotional unity in his family and other social surroundings.

It is the expression of an attitude towards the patient regardless to the specific qualification of the doctor or of the function of a therapist.


01 Paul-Tournier-Award

In collaboration with the Paul Tournier-Association and friends of Médecine de la Personne the Paul-Tournier-Award has been established to honour persons who have promoted in significant manner person-centered medicine and the legacy of Paul Tournier.

At the 10th Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine (May 8 – 10, 2017) the first Paul-Tournier-Award has been accorded to Lim van Lerberghe,  former Director , Department for Health Systems, Policies and Workforce, WHO,  Brussels. In many countries he was very active promoting human and personal medicine as opposed to anonymous technicalisation.

On this occasion Frédéric von Orelli has presented a short abstract about Paul Tournier’s life and legacy and shown some slides.

Read this introduction to the award ceremony,

read the laudatio by Jim Appleyard, London, president of the International Congress of Person Centered Medicine.


02 Meeting 2017, 16th – 19th August, in Montmirail, Thielle, Switzerland

Meeting 2017, 16th – 19th August, in Montmirail, Thielle, Switzerland

When medical care prejudices quality of life

We would like to draw your attention to our forthcoming meeting.

This year, the meeting will take place at Montmirail on the edge of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland from 16 – 19th August. 

We will be looking at situations where medical treatment makes the patient’s life harder rather than easier.  Coming alongside the patient who is undergoing treatment for cancer with unpleasant side-effects or finding the right balance of treatment and of care for someone who is end-of-life. The dilemmas we face when a treatment fails or is botched with unfortunate consequences. How is it for the patient dependent on chronic dialysis?

Can passages from the bible help us to find the way forward together with answers to these questions?

"Médecine de la personne", medicine about relationship, is actually a discussion topic which can be approached in several different ways. Nonetheless, amongst the many international conferences which invoke it, few have to do with the daily life and work of doctors and other care-givers. The association of ‘Médecine de la Personne – International Group’ pursues this goal. It was founded almost 70 years ago and bases itself on the work of Paul Tournier. This is very special and unique international conference where not only the medical professionals but also their partners are active participants.

As an optional extension to the conference, we invite you to explore the French-speaking part of  Switzerland and to relax amongst friends from the Médecine de la Personne group, from Sunday 13th to Wednesday 16th August.

For further details please see the complete programme or contact somebody on the committee (listed on the last page of the programme).

(Online registration at left side of this page. Registration form to print out and send by postmail.)

With warmest personal greetings, looking forward to seeing you in August,   

Frédéric von Orelli and the organizing committee.

03 Autumn letter 2016

Autumn letter 2016

Dear friends,

This letter will give you an idea of what we learned about and discussed at our meeting at Pilgrim Hall.

The complete texts of the talks and bible studies can be found on the web site 'conferences'.

Read it here.