«Medicine of the Person»
sees the patient as a physical, mental and emotional unity in his family and other social surroundings.

It is the expression of an attitude towards the patient regardless to the specific qualification of the doctor or of the function of a therapist.


The society convenes every year in a different country in Europe for a three day conference preceded by three days of relaxing and exploring an attractive region of Europe. Each year a different theme is selected and talks and bible studies are delivered on that theme, followed by confidential discussions in small groups where each participant can explore the relevance of what they have heard to their medical practice and to their personal journey.

The aim is to develop and live the Medicine of the Person in our contemporary world.

Lac de Neuchâtel

2017, August 16th - 19th,
in Montmirail, Wavre, Switzerland

"When medical care prejudice
quality of life

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2016 Decisions on treatment: who makes them ?
68th interntional meeting PILGRIM HALL Uckfield (East Sussex) Great Britain. Our theme this year is a question which implies a cascade of further questions some of which are fundamental to personhood and person-centred care. As users of health services, are we in any real sense autonomous? Who holds the power to decide what should be done to investigate and treat our patient’s presenting symptoms and signs? To what extent, and with what resources, should those investigations and treatments be carried out? Who controls those resources and choices, what are the limits and how are they to be agreed? We should consider, too, people who have little personal autonomy but have it by proxy through those who should love and nurture them.