«Medicine of the Person»
sees the patient as a physical, mental and emotional unity in his family and other social surroundings.

It is the expression of an attitude towards the patient regardless to the specific qualification of the doctor or of the function of a therapist.


01 72nd international meeting, 22nd to 25th July 2020

72nd international meeting, 22nd to 25th July 2020

Solitude and Isolation in Healthcare

This year, our Dutch friends are welcoming us to Doorn, near Utrecht in central Holland. During the discovery days, we will explore the region and its history (Rotterdam, Dordrecht, the Biesbosch national park etc.) and we will have the chance to meet new people and renew old friendships.

The study days from Wednesday evening to Saturday afternoon will be devoted to issues around people who seek solitude or suffer from loneliness. What does isolation mean for a person’s health? Can solitude be a good thing? Many people feel lonely, in spite of having numerous friends (or acquaintances). Medicine of the Person, the medicine of relationship can play a particular role in helping us to find an answer. In our work, the doctor can also end up feeling lonely.

Children and adolescents, people in the prime of their working lives, the elderly and those with dementia have different problems and issues. We will seek inspiration from our speakers to find ways of helping both our patients and ourselves in our day to day lives.

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With warmest personal greetings, looking forward to seeing you in July,

The organizing committee.

02 Autumn letter 2019

Autumn letter 2019

Dear friends,

By this letter you may have an idea from the meeting of Teplá 2019, on the theme „Patients without capacity“.

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