«Medicine of the Person»
sees the patient as a physical, mental and emotional unity in his family and other social surroundings.

It is the expression of an attitude towards the patient regardless to the specific qualification of the doctor or of the function of a therapist.


01 73rd international meeting, 2nd to 5th august 2023 in Neudietendorf (DE)

73rd international meeting, 2nd to 5th august 2023 in Neudietendorf (DE)

Dear friends of the medicine of the person,

Medicine is increasingly becoming a market economy, balancing supply and demand. As doctors, therapists, nurses, hospital chaplains, but also those financing medical care including insurance companies, we are required as providers to recognize and fulfill the needs, demands, requirements and wishes of the sick. In addition, we are also expected to meet the demands of family, society, and politics, demands which will evolve and change over time. 

To what extent are we able and willing to meet these demands? What are the laws, guidelines, convictions, guiding principles, constraints that determine how we interact with the sick person in front of us, and that influence our actions? What limits how much we are willing to do when faced with demands from the sick person, from politicians or from those who pay for the healthcare? Are we free to suggest or to refuse certain treatments? Should we have any control over how the healthcare market economy develops?

We want to take a closer look at this topic together: 

Health care challenge – Can we reconcile what patients expect of us with what we are able to deliver?

As usual, before the study days there is the option of exploring the surroundings in Thuringia in guided excursions visiting the cities of Erfurt, Weimar and Arnstadt and we will use the opportunity to chat and have meals together and to get to know each other. (July 30th to August 2nd)

For further information please see the programme or contact members of the organizing committee.

We look forward to welcoming you in July 2023 to the Zinzendorfhaus in Neudietendorf and send you warmest greetings.

The team organizing the conference.

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02 Autumn letter 2022

Autumn letter 2022

Dear friends,

By this letter you may have an idea from the meeting of Doorn 2022, on the theme „Solitude and isolation in healthcare“.

Read it here

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